Native American Food

In Uncategorized on May 14, 2010 by bansal6

After looking at the dances, I had to pick another aspect of American Indian culture. What better topic to pick than FOOD. Before looking this up, I never knew that traditional foods like cornbread, turkey, cranberry, blueberry or mush were integrated into the American cuisine from Native Americans. With so much of Native American culture in danger, I believe that food will always be present and will be an important part of their culture. Many of these rich traditional foods are used in Native American social gatherings. The Native Americans are also known for using indigenous food ingredients from the wild which give the food a characteristic flavor. These included ramps, wild ginger, juniper etc. Many of these foods were indigenous to independent tribes in different regions of America. For example, tiswin was a term for beverages like the fruit beer of the Apache and the saguaro sap beer of the Tohono O’odham. Jerk was a style of cooking that originated with the Taino in Jamaica. Present day Mexican dishes like Guacamole, Salsa and Tacos originated from the Native Americans living in the Mesoamerican region. This further proves the point I made in my previous post – the current American culture is greatly affected by American Indian culture, especially in terms of food. Several dishes we eat today are mostly adaptations from previous indigenous dishes.


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