“Borders” by Thomas King

In Uncategorized on May 14, 2010 by bansal6

This week I read the story called Borders for the class. It was an impressive story filled with the resolve of a Blackfoot woman who demanded that the Indian nation be recognized. The woman and her child were trying to visit her daughter/sister, who lived in Salt Lake City. Since they lived on a reservation in Canada, they needed to cross the border. When the customs agents asked them their citizenship, she replied that they were Blackfoot. The guards however, could not accept that and wouldn’t let them pass. They were stuck between borders in the parking lot of a duty free shop for a couple of days until the media started to show up. Eventually, they were able to get through and reached Salt lake city. The woman showed her Indian pride and never backed down. Even though she could have just said that she was Canadian and gone through she wanted to be identified as a Blackfoot and the nation to recognized as independent. In the story, I never detected any sense of negativity even from the guards. Even the Canadian border guard said that she understood that they were Blackfoot but needed to put American/Canadian on paper. It was really the system, which didn’t recognize Indian nations, that was at fault. This story also shows the influence the media has. They were able to help the duo get past the border.


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