The Navajo Hoop Dance

In Uncategorized on May 11, 2010 by bansal6

The American Indians have deep cultural traditions. I wanted to explore some of the aspects of their traditions. I had learned that dancing was an important tradition and ritual in the American Indian community and decided to “Youtube” it. Nothing special really came up and I was confused. Then I realized that these dances were specific to different Indian nations and tried a different strategy. The first interesting one I came across was the Navajo Hoop Dance.

WOW! I thought that was really impressive. The dancers showed great skill with the hoops and entertained the audience. I especially like their footwork. These dances were embedded deep inside their cultural tradition and are an excellent way to exhibit that tradition to outsiders who would like to learn more. Through such dances, the Indians interact with the natural surroundings around them. It is a part of their spirituality. The fact that the dancers were so skilled meant that they had to practice a lot which shows how important of an aspect it is to their culture. I watched a few more dances from different tribes which I thought were pretty impressive. I believe that some of these dances definitely affected the Western style of dancing. Maybe its possible that some Western moves might have been incorporated into the Hoop dance. After all, when 2 cultures exist so close to each other, they start rubbing off on each other. Also, the audience appreciated the dance and had a lot of fun.


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