Migration Theories

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One of the things  I was interested in when I decided to pick this course was how Native Americans actually got to the American mainland. Where did they actually originate? What was their culture like before they migrated and how things changed when they moved? The most popularly believed theory is that the indigenous people from the Asian mainland crossed over the Beringia bridge and came to America. The other theory is that the indigenous people reached the Americas via water travel (coastal or watercraft theories). This theory suggests that the indigenous peoples were not just big game hunters but were adapted to maritime lifestyles. They traveled along the coastline from northeast Asia to South America. Other theories suggest that they migrated from Oceania and South Asia to South America. The land bridge theory is perhaps the most plausible one. Most of the indigenous people from Siberia were hunters who migrates across Beringia looking for big game herds. There is scientific evidence to suggest that Beringia, a 1000 mile wide bridge over the Bering Strait did exist. Water levels have risen considerably since about 50,000 years ago submerging the land. In addition, certain American Indian genetic studies have been conducted and show that the first occupiers of the American mainland emerged from single source ancestral population that lived in isolation and conditions very similar to that of Beringia. After crossing into America, the indigenous people eventually scattered across the continent and adapted accordingly to their surroundings. The Clovis theory explains the migration to the south. However, there are still some problems with some of these theories and further research is being conducted to generate facts.

Migration Routes from Beringia

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