Native American Origin Myths

In Uncategorized on May 10, 2010 by bansal6

The first thing I remember doing in my first class (which was English) on my first day in junior year was talking about Native American Origin Myths. I thought that these stories were particularly interesting as it gave us an Indian cultural perspective on how things were created, much before science could explain how things worked. An important fact I learned was that most of these stories were passed on from generation to generation orally. These stories actively practiced the oral tradition of history which is such an important part of the Native American culture. I remember that certain characteristics of these myths were repetition, enumeration, use of archaic words and symbols, a particular structure and a short, terse style. These myths would always have a supernatural figure (The Creator, God), a hero and a trickster(the villain). Most of these myths had animal spirits in a more or less humanoid form. These origin myths were an important vehicle for the Native Americans to pass on their faith and beliefs about the natural world, social order, human nature and, good and evil. I’m guessing that the American Indians used these stories to teach their young ones about a lot things – doing the right thing, the possibility of change and the underside of life. In the end, each of us had to write an origin myth using a guide of the characteristics given to us. I wrote about the formation of the sun.


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