Aztec Treasure

In Uncategorized on May 9, 2010 by bansal6

The other day, I was watching the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. In the movie, the pirates were trying to return all the gold to the chest located on an unknown island. The stone chest contained 882 pieces of Aztec gold, blood money paid to Hernando Cortes to stop the slaughter of the Aztecs. This is what one of the gold coins looked like.

According to the movie, the heathen gods had placed a terrible curse on the chest. Anyone who stole from the chest would become immortal, but would not be able to experience any human senses. They were shown as rotting skeletons in the moonlight. The cursed would not be able to return to their original state until all the gold pieces were returned to the chest with the blood of those who took it repaid. I thought that was pretty interesting and wondered if any of the stuff was true. After doing some research, I doubt the “heathen god curse” part was true. However, archaeologists and treasure hunters are still looking for Montezuma’s treasure which is believed to be in the Kanab area. I thought the legend mentioned in the movie was a rather interesting deviation from the real deal. Even though the legend of the curse may not be true, there have been certain events that certainly make it interesting. A group of treasure hunters found an Aztec treasure sign, a circle with an arrow pointing down, above the water level in a lake 6 miles north of Kanab. They made a few diving expeditions they found in an underground tunnel. Each of them however, felt disoriented as they entered the tunnel and felt that someone was grabbing and choking them. They decided to abandon the expedition.


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